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Salvan has a historic golosina from Uruguay that is on the verge of disappearance

When you have already confirmed that the Uruguayan golosina famosa Ricardo I am at the start of production, but it is only a great concern on the part of the employees who lose their workstations, but also of many people who express their sadness in social networks at the disappearance of the historic chocolate rich in merengue.

Without embargo, an unexpected announcement was made to these mothers of hopes. Fue Fernando Pachepresident of the Chamber of Industries of Uruguay (CIU)organization which is celebrating its 125th anniversary, which was surprised to see that «Ricardito se queda».

It all happened on May 12, when you heard the news Bimbo Group Uruguay I had decided to stop Ricard plant on the 30th of these months to “focus on the prep and snack categories.” Between our multiple products such as cereal bars and various chocolates, his greatest star was Ricardito.

Therefore, everything indicates that the popular charrúa post will not become commercial. No objection, Hubo este Martes un Giro Inesperado. «Noticia muy pleasant, positive, which comes to be as it is chocolate from the post office… aunque says normally frutilla. When we praise national industry, we also praise tradition«, Pache began, with some indication of what is displayed to announce it.

Acto continued, confirmed: «Ricardito does not go, Ricardito se queda«. At the same time, I explained that no I «dejan contar mucho» regarding the situation, but it was reported that the Uruguayan factory Haas Chocolateswith decades of work, «it’s prepared and it’s regreso».

Ricardito entered the market in the 1960s.

According to Gerardo Lapetina, director and CEO of Chocolates Haas, in dialogue with El País, Ricardito «will sell in the market next year».

Furthermore, even if the product is produced with the machines that the company has available, it also forms part of a «new production line».

Ricardito, the famous golosina uruguaya that regrets

The creator of Ricardito is the Uruguayan chocolatier Ricardwhich was financed in the decade of the 50s for Hans Eichin. This famous golosin conforms to a Gran Porción de Merengue Bañada en Chocolate and a base of waffle mass.

Ricardito will be produced by the Uruguayan factory Chocolates Haas.Ricardito will be produced by the Uruguayan factory Chocolates Haas.

The product was sold on the market in the 1960s and, then, it was sold in aluminum foil. Once the packaging has been modified over time, the ingredients that make it successful are preserved forever.

The popularity of the product was gained in Uruguay, as it crosses the Río de la Plata and reaches it to Argentina. Even if this position was very well accepted by the Argentines, they never found the same fame as in the neighboring country.

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